Alyson Frazier

head of operations


Alyson Frazier is a London-based American flautist. As a musician she has worked for the BBCCO, LSO x London Jazz Festival, LPO Sound Journeys, and Aurora Orchestra among others, and is a founding member of contemporary music group Ensemble x.y. As a volunteer and researcher, she has worked in refugee camps at various stages of settlement, from long-established communities of Burmese refugees in Thailand and partially settled communities in Athens, to the incredibly transient hub of Calais. In 2013 Alyson worked in Shey, Ladakh in Northern India where she developed and explored educational tools and programmes that lead to the creation of the Play for Progress model. She strives to combine her passions in socially impactful work and, as such, is determined to expand the community of allies vulnerable young people have to rely on and unite the arts industry in solidarity with and celebration of our resilient and vibrant global community. She is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Music and Northwestern University.