Our Music and Creative Arts Curricula


1. Group music Classes

Every Friday we play musicianship games, teach studio lessons, and host musical sharings and jam sessions to get creativity and connection flowing. Our students can choose to learn flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, violin, cello, piano, or drums from our talented professional music tutors. Established in 2016, we run this in conjunction with the Refugee Council UK’s Children’s Section. We incorporate everything into our sessions, from improvisation and jamming to devising and performing.

2. raw (Recording, arranging, writing)

Our RAW sessions take place every Thursday. Young people can record, arrange and write their own tracks with our awesome music production team and in-house session musicians. Just another way we are encouraging these awesome teens to explore and develop their own voices and get them out into the world.  




Group sessions work for some, but not all. As such, we offer one-to-one instrumental lessons for those who prefer to work quietly, or for our more advanced students who want to develop their playing further.

4. creative arts therapy

When we recognised the need for additional forms of mental health services to be readily accessible to young people processing trauma, we set to work identifying how we could develop our own integrated creative arts therapy service to better serve our community. Lead by drama therapists weekly sessions incorporate a vast range of art forms, from visual art and photography to shadow puppetry, movement, and drama!




On the first Wednesday of every month you'll find us jamming with bands and artists we bring in to the Refugee Council Children’s Section to treat our students and welcome newcomers. All part of the grand plan to expand the community of allies these young people have to rely on.

6. musical and cultural outings

London has so much to offer, but our students don't have funds, are new to this overwhelming city, and wouldn't know where to start! That's why we arrange regular outings to museums, performances, exhibitions, and more. 

I love everything [about PFP]. When I come to class I learn with the teacher and after that everyone does it together. I love this because makes me happy. I’m very interested in everything.
— A piano student about our weekly Friday sessions
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