Blast From The Past: QEH Performance

What a time we had at the end of January! The day after our Young Leader, J, took Kings Place by storm, our whole entourage rocked  Southbank Centre's  Queen Elizabeth Hall, with over 100 audience members joining in!

We opened our set by giving the audience a taste of what it is to be part of our weekly sessions; our kids lead welcoming games and musical intros that we do every week together, so that the audience was primed and ready to give and receive bunches of energy. Thanks to members of Aurora Orchestra, we opened with a new iteration of J's Flight for Freedom (see previous blog post) which grounded the space. Our brilliant ensemble leader, Bill, then launched us straight into our arrangement of Tum Hi Ho, a popular Hindi tune that all of our kids are crazy about! The trumpets were blasting, pianos and guitars were rocking, woodwinds were singing, and our string section was bowing with all they had. The mic was passed around throughout the arrangement and brothers and sisters of our global family took turns to sing their heart out to and with the loving audience. It was absolutely an afternoon to remember, and if you weren't able to make it on this occasion, make sure you don't miss the next one! Sign up for our support network. Email:

Alyson Frazier