Refugee Week Olive Branch Exhibition

Humanitarian photographer, Emma Brown of Olive Branch Arts, attended our Residential for Young Leaders this past April, and photographed our young leaders anonymously and as they wanted to be shown. The works produced will feature in this fabulous upcoming exhibition by ally Olive Branch Arts at our favourite Poplar Union. Don’t miss it!

* * *

The Library
Tuesday 18 June – Sunday 7 July 2019
Open every day 9am-5pm

Olive Branch Arts presents Sand & Vision – Freedom Project, a participatory photography exhibition from award-winning portrait and humanitarian photographer, Emma Brown, and young people from the Sahrawi Refugee Camps.

The exhibition responds to the question “How do you photograph freedom?” and is part of Olive Branch Arts second PhotoVoice Photography Training programme. The project provides respite for the young refugees, offering a creative release from an extremely difficult and challenging living environment.

The Sahrawi strongly believe in the power of art & culture as a means of bringing their plight to an international audience – Olive Branch Arts work arms them with the tools and skills they need to do so.

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As part of this exhibition, work created by Emma Brown with London based charity Play for Progress will also be featured. Anonymous portraits of young unaccompanied refugees will be presented alongside soundscapes created by the young people and musician Joe Cryar. They aim to share the freedom and healing music and the arts offer this incredibly marginalised, dynamic and creative community.

Alyson Frazier