From our students…

I’m always grateful for you all and Refugee Council because those nice, helpful and very kind people like you I feel not alone. I feel safe and feel you all my family. One day my mom will appreciate you all. Sometimes I feel down when some things happening which no one can stop it. I can say I’m still living because I have you all.
— A student who suffers from severe PTSD
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I love everything [about PFP]. When I come to class I learning with the teacher so after that everyone do together. I love this because makes me happy. I’m very interested in everything.
— A piano student about our weekly Friday sessions
Today the first time I am happy.
— A new student after experiencing his first AIA
Play for Progress is my family in England. Everyone here is like my brother and sister and I want to be with you forever. Thank you to everyone in this group.”
— Mohamed
It makes me feel love.
— A student after our outing to work with Sefiroth and E5 Bakery at Poplar Union
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Thanks you so much! I try my best, I love to help and learn new things! And I love everything you are you done for us! We are the best family in the world! Yesterday was so nice! The works can express what I feel! Was EXCEPTIONAL!!
— A cello student after leading workshops and performing at the V&A to launch Refugee Week (June 2018)
Thank you so much for all you are doing for us, you are helping us and you care about us. To be honest there are not many opportunities for people like us in England. Love all musicians and teachers. Thank you! <3
— A clarinet and vocal student (2018)
I want to thank so much. You guys given me hope to live. I don’t know how to say my feelings now. Thank you.
— Ali
Your class makes me feel safe and part of something good. I can forget my missing of my home, my mother. I can forget feeling alone and scared. I thank you, each of you, you make me happy, you make me forget, with you I feel safe, it is so good what you do for us, for me, I thank you.
— A violin and piano student (2017)
It is just so amazing, I love when all the sounds come together! I can’t thank you enough!
— Jin


When I stay at home, I feel like there is nothing to do but when I come here...I really... all of you I love so much. Thank you so much for help us, for everything. When I remember, I don’t think this ever happened to me in my life. I don’t feel like this before in my life. It’s really great, great thing in my life. Like enjoy together, go and be together, play together. All of you, thank you so much. I love you. I’m very very happy. I will never forget these days. They stay in my heart.
— A saxophone/violin student & Young Leader
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Today was the first time I joined and I felt so wonderful!!
— A guitar student's reaction to performing for an audience for the first time
Thank you so much. That is why I came to day. Today I do not forget the people who is love me. And I have to grow up my flower on top of stone some time. Anyway thank you so much for make me happy, you all such a wonderful doctors not musicians. I proud of you. To change people life from bad story from the past. The meaning of Play for Progress is start creative life with good consequences to live.
— A violin student
I feel I am how say that in english I forget this word (arabic) ...I feel like a VIP
— A student after our performance at the Southbank Centre (Jan 2018)
Today was great!! And performance of music in front of people was excited and a moment I thought I’m Tom Cruise! And dreams something like that. So thank you for all that you’ve done for us
— A clarinet student after performing at the V&A (June 2018)
You guys help us a lot, that’s awesome. Thanks a ton!
— Hieu
Play for Progress is my family. Everyone so good. I learn a lot of this when I came there. I feel comfortable and relaxed when I come there. So great!
— Van Duc
Give me ten years and I’ll be on that stage [Royal Festival Hall]!
— A violin student after seeing Hillary Hahn perform

From our advocacy clients…

I wanted to say thank you so so much to the team for being absolute sunshine, for being such a support, so professional, for being there for [this young person] - staying up thorough the last second being so positive. [The young person] was granted the visa. Without you that wouldn’t have happened or without all the work done by Becky and Anna and Alyson and all your team - you people are so special. Please have a great morning knowing that behind you one case is done very well.
— Julie