Supporting Young People Out of Crisis

Developing routes for long term success

The young people with whom we work often rely on us to help them in times of crisis because the appropriate provisions have not been given. As such, we go above and beyond our remit to ensure that our young people know that they have a whole community of support behind them that is willing to take action.


1. one-to-one drama therapy

When we recognised the need for additional forms of mental health services to be readily accessible, we set to work identifying how we could develop our own integrated creative arts therapy service to better serve our community. Our drama therapists provide individual, tailored one-to-one sessions to those in need of extra support.

2. advocacy

From liaising with solicitors and speaking with social workers, to sourcing clothes and being a friendly face in court, we are there to support our students. In most cases, the basic provisions that should be given to asylum seekers are not met. 

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3. Foster Carer Support

We work with, deliver trainings for, and guide foster carers to help ensure that the people who choose to house these vulnerable young people are supported themselves. It’s vital that they can deliver everything that’s needed during this high-stress and uncertain period of resettlement, and we could all use a little help from our friends to do so.

4. education and language support

Our education partner The Tutoring Agency works with us to provide our students with individual English language coaching. In addition, we source smart technology to enable our students to complete their homework and make the most of their education. Please contact us to donate your old devices and support these young people.

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5. Residentials

London and nearly everything it represents for our young people is hectic, heavy, and scary. Sometimes you just need to get out and away from triggering busy-ness to breathe some fresh air and break bread with friends and “family.” Our residentials are one of our most treasured activities, as they guarantee that we can have down time together to release built up tensions and discover even more ways of supporting our young peoples’ well-being.

The trip was great. I really enjoyed that time. We lived together same family. It meant important time with me. Time for me enjoy and relax