Half Term With The YOUNG VIC

If you had visited us two weeks ago during our February half-term period, you would have found a room full of teens, our dramatherapy team, a writerdirectors, and musicians...why? Because we spent some time with the Young Vic  exploring what our collective voice is, how we want it to be heard, and what mediums express us as a whole and as individuals most. This is no small or box-ticking foray into what is perhaps traditionally described as 'inter-disciplinary work.' We are deep in thought about our role as community organisers, humanitarian activists, musicians and artists, members of (different) generations, cultures, perspectives, and more. And it's only through engaging with one another (within and beyond our own industries),. challenging, exploring, and stretching the boundaries between and surrounding us, that we as a generation of humans who are on this Earth right now can come to grips with how we support the voices that must be heard.

We aren't yet sure where this collaboration with the Young Vic will lead, but we certainly had a great time playing and searching together. Keep us collaborating: donate!

Alyson Frazier